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Tim Tebow Foundation & CURE International Combine Efforts to Bring Hope to Filipino Children


The buzz across Twitter, Facebook and a mirage of social media venues is about this young man born in the Philippines, is currently the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos and a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Florida. Yes, you guessed it, Tim Tebow.

While this young man might be famous for his ‘Tebowing’ (praying on the football field), he is also founder of the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF).  TTF was created in January 2010 with the ultimate mission is to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. The foundation is accomplishing this mission through the building of playrooms in children’s hospitals, supporting orphans worldwide and making “dreams come true” for children with life-threatening illnesses. Learn more at TimTebowFoundation.org.

CURE International is the largest provider of reconstructive surgery to disabled children in the emerging world. Since opening the doors of its first surgical teaching hospital in Kijabe, Kenya in 1998, CURE’s focus on bringing healing to developing nations has resulted in more than 1.5 million patient visits and over 121,000 surgeries to correct physically disabling conditions. CURE has also trained more than 2400 medical professionals raising the standard of care in the countries where it operates.  Please visit Cure.org for more information.

The Tim Tebow Foundation recently announced a partnership with CURE International and their plans to build a children’s hospital in the Philippines — the country where Tebow was born.  This is the first project between the two organizations since announcing their partnership in October 2011.

“I was born in the Philippines and my parents have been missionaries to that area since 1985. The Philippines have always had a special place in my heart,” Tebow said. “I’m excited to be a part of this hospital that will bring healing to thousands of children who would not otherwise have access to care.”

The Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City will be a 30-bed surgical facility focusing primarily on orthopedics. There are plans to start construction sometime in early 2012 and the hospital is expected to open 2013.  The hospital, which is CURE’s first in the Philippines and 12th worldwide, will be on the island of Mindanao, a particularly poor area of the Philippines. The hospital will house a Timmy’s Playroom, which will provide faith, hope and love to children before and after their surgeries.  It will be the Tim Tebow Foundation’s first international playroom.  The construction project is expected to cost $3 million, with donors from CURE and the Tebow Foundation sharing the costs. About one-third of the children treated at the hospital are expected to be charity cases.

“Throughout the world, 80 million children suffer every day with crippling conditions like clubfoot and spine deformities, conditions that are correctable with surgery,” said Dr. Scott Harrison, the founder and president of CURE International. “We feel blessed that the Tim Tebow Foundation has chosen to partner with us to bring first-world quality care and spiritual healing to the children of the Philippines.”

Getting this information out to the masses and offering those who see a need the opportunity to Give Back brought up the question to one of Cure Internationals’ best, Matt Shandera,  Director of Marketing, “How do you see Social Media assisting TTF and CURE International in getting the word out about this amazing mission?”

Matt’s response is not only brilliant, simple and should be adopted by others using Social Media circles:

Let’s face it, Tebowmania would be nothing without his legions of follows on Facebook and Twitter. CURE has simply been a benefactor of that fact.  We post our Tebow content in the same channels (#tebow #tebowtime #timtebow) in which everyone is already discussing.  Gradually, they have come to find out more about CURE’s mission both with Tebow and independent of him.”  Matt said, “ As far as Facebook is concerned being able to legitimately tag @timtebow and @timtebowfoundation have really helped us involve many of his supporters with CURE.  We advertise on the Tebow name both on Facebook and on Google.  Without social media as a supporting channel, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as quickly as we did socially. Now, most everyone you ask knows a lot about Tim Tebow and at least a little about his work with CURE.

I further probed for examples of how Social Media has benefited getting the word out and Matt replied with, “As an example, on game day Tim Tebow can account for as much as 25% of our website’s traffic!  Additionally, because of his fame and our involvement in the Philippines, the use of the #Philippines hash tag has helped us entered a whole new demographic segment.  As a result the Philippines region is the second fastest growing population on CURE’s Facebook helping us grow by well over 100 likes a day!”

How can we help? Social Media has major advantages in helping get the mission across the world.  Many individuals across the globe are looking for ways to help.  Let’s take Matt’s lead and follow CURE International and TTF on twitter, the infamous retweeting with TAGS is a major plus, LIKING the Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International on Facebook and posting their site on YOURS for all of your friends to repeat the same would be an awesome place to start.  Spread the word of this amazing partnership between Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International by checking out www.cure.org/tebow .  Until the next article, GIVE BACK, it makes the heart happy!  Thank you to CURE International for providing the information for this article.

You can follow both of this organizations on Twitter:

CURE’s Twitter is: @curetweets

TTF’s twitter is:  @tebowfoundation

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