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#LittleVoices and @SophiaBush Sing Victorious Songs


Over the last year, philanthropist and actress Sophia Bush has used her ‘Little Voice’ to become a prominent role model via her presence on Twitter. Using her 140 characters to inspire and encourage hundreds of thousands of other ‘Little Voices’ around the world, she reminds us we are “each a voice, a movement, a power unto ourselves” and that we CAN indeed make a difference.

 “As we love, talk, share, grow, and educate one another, you take your new ideas and opinions and share them with the world. And our voice gets louder. Our Power grows. And from it come our new positivity” – Little Voice @SophiaBush

‘Little Voices’ is a kind of ‘Pay It Forward’ movement that was started by Sophia to create ‘an army of do-gooders’… Ever heard of the phrase: a smile is infectious? Well, it works something like that, but with each of us using our ‘Little Voice’ to stand up for our beliefs, create positive change, and then inspire others around us to do the same – a true testament of how social media can be taken beyond recreational means and used for something deeper and revolutionary.

“[Sophia] introduced me to so many great environmental groups, charities and causes and now my twitter following is much more important. I learn new things every day from the articles and information that is shared” – Little Voice @yems28

Sophia rallies every day on Twitter for various topics close to her heart, posting articles, retweeting information, and is notably passionate about Environmental Issues and Human/Animal Rights. Last year, she decided to personally report on the damage as a result of the oil spill in The Gulf, tweeting firsthand information and on the shocking reality she was discovering – information that we were not seeing elsewhere…

‘She has inspired me to be more involved. I know what’s going on in my country, I’m more interested in the environment and I recycle… This is because of Sophia and her tweets” Little Voice @cathrine89.

This year, Sophia has joined up with Marie Claire magazine to raise awareness about the lack of Woman’s Rights in Afghanistan – “I implore you, imagine being thrown in jail for standing up for yourself. Or, essentially, simply for having a vagina…” Sophia uses her ‘Little Voice’ to ask the questions that others are too afraid to and this, in turn, inspires us to find the strength to do the same.

 Sophia has made me realise that if you stand up for what you believe in, a positive change is possible” – Little Voice @HannahDrew_x3

In recent months, ‘Little Voices’ around the globe have been getting active, making their voices heard, signing petitions, raising money for charities close to home or helping Sophia with her own fundraisers. Her most recent campaign has been to raise money for The Nature Conservancy, surpassing the $50,000 target originally set.

“[The Little Voices] have become a force all their own, and that sometimes comes about with or without [Sophia] leading them” Little Voice @yems28

And it’s not just the large facts and figures that make a difference; it’s the small changes that you can make in your own life that also adds up. “Join me in a week without plastic. Let’s see if we can make it longer! ;)” was the challenge Sophia set her Tweeps, reminding us that we can chose anytime to start changing the way we live and become a better version of ourselves.

“Since following Sophia, not one day has gone by that I have not thought about making the world a better place. I cannot tell you just how thrilled and proud I am to be a Little Voice!” – Little Voice @Laura_Katie

So, can 140 characters really make a difference? Maybe not if you only tweet about your breakfast, or your killer new shoes (no matter how fab they are!) But maybe… if you use that ‘Little Voice’ of yours to rally, educate and inspire, you’ll be surprised how loud your voice truly is – Thank you Sophia for reminding us of that…











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I am a Screenwriter for Film that also earns her living teaching singing, acting, working on set and assisting a lady with MS with her social activities. Looking to spread positivity and knowledge of ways to make our world a better place.

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    Sophia always are my Heroe, but Littlevoices was fantastic!

  • Josekun

    Sophia to change to much people…she is my inspiraction.

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    Aw, amazing to be a part of this article. THANK YOU SOPHIA! xoxo

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    Well done Cera for such an excellent article.

  • Martin Pickering1

    Well done Cera for such an excellent article.