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How Skype is Leading the Online Education Phenomena, a Chat with Jacqueline Botterill (Part 2)


Part two of the interview with Jacqueline Botterill – Head of Social Good for Skype and director of Skype in the classroom

Partnering with Other Organizations and Causes

As many step out into the realm of awareness; that is, realizing the significance of social media and it’s functionality in raising awareness and fundraising for social good; the natural progression is  for organizations and groups to  form alliances and partnerships. This another extension and dynamic to being able to connect via social media – the ability to make a connection with groups and causes that are in line with each other and that can together to achieve more than they could as separate entities.

With that in mind I asked Jacqueline if there were any specific efforts to creating partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations or outside parties and was told:

Right now we have one major partnership with an organization called Peace One Day. The founder, Jeremy Gilley came up with the idea that September 21st would be a day of peace and that the observance of that day would be akin to a universally held – global holiday if you will. The concept is that on this one day soldiers would lay down their arms, domestic violence would cease, that aggression in all forms would for this one day cease – hence Peace One Day.We are also linked with the Global Learning Exchange which is using Skype to engage communications between a school in California and one in Singapore.

Part of this particular project includes an emphasis on working with educators. His vision is global and educators can obtain a lesson plan on intercultural cooperation on the organization’s website. Additionally, Jeremy uses Skype on a regular basis to connect with school children all over the world and engage them in this movement.

Skype In the Classroom – By the Numbers

At this precise moment, the Skype in the Classroom initiative is currently serving:

  • 18,992 members
  • 12,017 current projects
  • 117 countries served
  • 589 resources uploaded to date
  • And is used in 58 different languages


Concluding what was a most entertaining and enlightening conversation with Jacqueline, the requirements for using Skype in the classroom came up and I assured her that we had the same goal of wanting to dispel the myth that a state of the art “corporate boardroom A / V system” is not needed to utilize Skype in the Classroom:
(although I am sure that would be rather nice for those so blessed to have one)

In order to use Skype, you need a computer [PC as well as Mac’s are able to be used], a broadband connection and , if you wish to do video conferencing a webcam. Note that it will work over a WiFi connection, however for an optimal experience, a wired broadband connection is generally best.

So again and especially for those who missed it in the previous article – How can you get involved?

Get Involved!!

Ok so how do you get involved with this project? First stop is the Skype in the Classroom site.

You can also follow them on Twitter – Skype Classroom 
Visit their Facebook Page : Skype in the Classroom on Facebook 
Visit the Peace One Day site
Connect with the Global Learning Exchange

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