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How One Girl Took a Stand Against Bullying: Whitney’s Story


Whitney Kropp (center) with Katie Couric

The month of October is Anti-Bullying Month and all month, organizations, celebrities and individuals have spoken out against bullying. Earlier this month on Katie Couric’s new talkshow, Katie, featured Whitney Kropp, a young high school student from Michigan.

Sixteen-year-old Whitney was nominated to be on her high school homecoming court only to find out it was a hoax. Other students nominated Whitney as a prank, an attempt at humiliating the teen in front of her entire school. Whitney told Katie that she first thought she would not to go through with the decision to be on her school’s homecoming court, but later realized if she didn’t, she would be letting the bullies win.

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Even suicide crossed Whitney’s mind, she told ABC News. Rather than let the bullies get the best of her, Whitney bravely decided to be on the homecoming court in spite of the bullies. Her sister supported her decision by launching a campaign to stop bullying in Whitney’s school and set up the “Support Whitney Kropp” Facebook page, which gained international attention, and now has more than 145,000 Likes. Support began to pour in for Whitney — kids from other schools and people around the community and even the nation stood up against bullying in support of Whitney.

Watch Whitney’s story in this ABC News report:

Whitney’s story continued to develop as her entire town rallied in support of her decision to face this potential obstacle head on. Whitney was given a complete makeover from head to toe just in time for homecoming, and one dress salon even donated her homecoming dress — All out of love and support for one young girl who had the courage to face her bullies on such a big platform.

“I just want people to see me for who I am,” said Whitney.

Whitney’s family stood proudly by her as she stood in front of the crowd at her high school’s homecoming football game, a glowing member of this year’s homecoming court. Whitney was not going to let the bullies get to her at the big game and big dance. She decided to take advantage of the platform she was handed, and have the time of her life, in spite of her bullies.

Whitney’s bravery is an inspiration to not only her community but to bullied kids and teens everywhere; a vivid reminder that in the end, bullies don’t win.

Though homecoming may be over for Whitney, her story lives on. We salute Whitney’s bravery as she took a courageous stand against bullying.  Remember, bullying happens everywhere — on trains, airplanes, grocery stores and in the workplace. How will you take a stand against bullying?

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  • Ladyrebecka

    Too bad some of the information in this article is incorrect. Whitney’s sister did NOT start the page to support Whitney. It was started by Jamie Kline, who is a graduate of Whitney’s high school and has a daughter the same age who is being bullied. Jamie, is taking a stand against bullying and has started her own website to do that. http://klinecastle.org/