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Giving of Life grants help small nonprofits make a big impact


Giving of Life is a social, web-based grant initiative that is revolutionizing the way grassroots nonprofits grow and give life to the world—primarily by offering them encouragement and hassle-free financial and promotional boosts.

In this second year, Giving of Life founders Dan Maclellan and Russell Courtney of The SoulCare Project, and Kerry Bural, principal and founder of The Resonate Group, are gearing up for growth. Expanded partnerships with donors will allow for more than $150,000 in grants to be given to faith-based nonprofits in categories including disaster relief, food and water aid, healthcare, housing, orphan care and many others.

“Every day, small nonprofits impact millions of lives,” said Maclellan. “We are passionate about helping these organizations, with no strings attached or hoops to jump through. We just want to hear real stories from real people giving life each and every day.”

Giving of Life focuses on using social sharing and voting to encourage, support and provide for nonprofits. This is your opportunity to cast your vote and make a donation of any size for causes you care about.

New this year, Giving of Life debuted a blog to raise awareness for participating nonprofits by giving them a platform to share their hearts for the hurting.

Last year’s season was a huge success. More than 700 organizations applied for grants and 180,000 votes were cast. In total, Giving of Life gave $114,000 to 20 faith-based nonprofits.

One of those organizations was Heartline Ministries, which serves new and expectant mothers in Haiti. Heartline received the largest grant at $50,000 to bolster their maternity center, which provides a safe and sanitary birthing room, midwives, and classrooms where both prenatal and post-birth child development classes are taught weekly. Thanks to their 20+ years of service, Haiti has seen an increase in healthy pregnancies and births.

Check out this heartwarming video, as the Giving of Life founders give the good news to the recipient organizations:

“We have been blown away by the hearts of last year’s participants,” said Kerry Bural. “The more we’ve interacted with them, the more we’ve appreciated how these men and women are literally changing the world.”

Any 501c3 faith-based nonprofit with an annual budget of $4 million or less may apply. During the first season, grant recipients will be awarded a minimum of $10,000 on June 4, 2012, with additional grant giving seasons planned throughout this year.

Though not all participants receive grants, each receives exposure and promotion through social media outlets, creating the potential for new relationships, partnerships and networking opportunities.

Through The SoulCare Project, Dan and Russell offer leaders the opportunity to step out of the chaos of life and find an intentional place of rest and solitude. Through The Resonate Group®, Kerry and his team help individuals and organizations develop innovative brands that resonate through strategic and creative thinking, branding, and communications.

To learn more about Giving of Life, apply for a grant, vote for your favorite cause, or give a gift, visit GivingOfLife.com. To schedule an interview with the Giving of Life founders, contact Sarah Gallagher at 508-591-5433 or sarah.gallagher@givingoflife.com.

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