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‘Give what you’re good at’ with Catchafire


Have you ever been caught in a 9 to 5 job that put your skills to good use but didn’t ignite your passion? Do you struggle to find opportunities to grow your skills? Are you a freelancer looking to build your network? Are you a DoGooder looking for a volunteer opportunity that fits your individual passions?

Put your skills and talents to good use and ignite your passion with Catchafire — an company matching individuals with organizations based on the individual’s professional skills and the organization’s needs.

Catchafire connects professionals who want to volunteer their skills with nonprofits that need them.
– Catchafire.org

For non-profit organizations, working with volunteers can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Getting pro bono help is always beneficial, but sometimes managing volunteers becomes a full-time job for the organization. It’s one thing to find a volunteer who is passionate about a specific cause, but it’s a completely different challenge finding and vetting volunteers who are both passionate about a cause, and have professional skills that can fill an organization’s specific needs.

Catchafire’s tagline “Give what you’re good at,” says it all. While volunteering and service projects can always be satisfying, they are so much more so when the volunteers are able to meet the specific needs of an organization.

How it works

For the Individual – Do you want to give back to your community and do a little social good?

  • Join Catchafire and fill out a profile on Catchafire.org — a volunteer resume, which gives Catchafire information on your professional experience, skills and interests.
  • Next, browse Catchafire’s project menu to find a project that fits their specific skill set — with the help of Catchafire’s service engine.
  • Submit a cover letter to the organization communicating why you are the best fit for their project.
  • If the organization picks you, Catchafire will get you connected with the organization so you can get started!

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Catchafire volunteer professional Mitch talks about his experience:

For the Organization — Are you a social good organization with specific needs?

  • Become a member of Catchafire. The cost of membership with Catchafire is a fraction of the cost of professional services and volunteers matched with your organization through Catchafire manage themselves, saving you time and energy.
  • The Catchafire team will work closely with you to define your project and needs.
  • Your organization will then be matched with individuals who have the necessary skills, time available and a passion for your cause.

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If there’s ever been an “I wish I had thought of that” moment, this is it. Catchafire is a brilliant idea, helping pro bono professionals feed their passion for social good while meeting specific needs of organizations that might not have the funds to pay for professional services. With Catchafire, there’s no doubt “good” gets done better and faster!

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