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Generosity Water partners with documentary filmmaker and Don Cheadle to end water crisis in one Haitian community


Four years ago in October 2008, Jordan Wagner traveled to East Africa. While there, Jordan experienced the water crisis firsthand. He interacted with the people who don’t have access to clean drinking water. He saw those who walk five to ten miles to get water — dirty water at that. He saw the need for clean drinking water.

While in Africa, Jordan visited the Pece village. “Pece” literally means “overcrowded.” In this village of 1,000 people, more than half the population had died from a cholera outbreak just the month before.

At the time, Jordan was working in real estate, but his trip to Africa changed his focus from making money and building business to helping solve the global water crisis. What he experienced changed the track of his life forever. Before leaving Africa, Jordan promised the people he met in Pece that he would be back to bring clean water to their community.

After returning home to the states, Jordan had one goal: To raise the money needed to complete the water project in Pece. He asked friends and family to donate money to the cause rather than giving Christmas gifts.

Jordan was soon able to raise the $5,000 needed to build a clean water well in the village of Pece and he returned to Africa to complete the process. To show donors where their money was going, Jordan filmed the complete process.

This well would not be the end of Jordan’s work bringing clean water to people around the world. His trip to Africa and that first water project have evolved into what is now known as Generosity Water.

Since its inception, Generosity Water has completed more than 400 clean water wells in 18 countries around the world, giving safe, clean drinking water to more than 260,000 people.

In 2009, Jordan attended the Silverdocs Documentary Film Festival put on by AFI and Discovery Channel in Washington D.C. where he met filmmaker Patrick Shen. Patrick was ready to tell the story of Josue Lajeunesse, a Hatian man living in New Jersey, working two jobs as a janitor and a taxi driver to send money back to his home community in Haiti, where Josue and his brother, Chrismedonne were working to fulfill their life-long dream of bringing clean water to his home village, La Source (pronounced lah-soos) in Haiti.

After meeting Patrick Shen, Jordan fell in love with the story behind this new film “La Source”, one that resonated with his own personal dream to end the global water crisis. Jordan donated funds to the water project and later became co-producer of the film. Generosity Water has since been instrumental in raising the funds and bringing together partners on the ground to implement the water project featured in the film.

The film, “La Source” has been a three-year journey, now coming to fruition. In April, actor Don Cheadle screened the film and was so moved by the story he wanted to narrate it.

Watch the “La Source” trailer below:

The action campaign following this film is two-fold:

  1. To raise enough money to fund the construction of 20 water projects in Haiti.
  2. To build a school for the children in La Source, Haiti.

To donate to this campaign, visit http://lasourcemovie.com/ and click “Get Involved.”

The vision of Patrick, Jordan, photographer Jess Koehler and all the others who worked on this film is to launch a movement of people who realize the power they have to change the world. As one man, Josue, dedicated his life to bringing clean water to his home village, so each individual can make an impact on the world when we encounter need and determine to take action.

To find a screening of “LA Source” near you, visit www.lasourcemovie.com and click “Screenings.” For a donation of $25, you can host your own screening of the film in your home.

Solving the global water crisis is dependent on two things: education and awareness about the problem, and raising up people who are committed to working to end the water crisis.

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