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Dollar Per Month — Combining small efforts to make a big difference


It might be difficult for one person to change the world, but when we work together, there’s no limit to our collective power to do good.

Dollar Per Month is based on that very premise. For as little as $1 per month, members can play a part in changing the world. Every month, Dollar Per Month gives members the opportunity to vote on their favorite charities. Votes determine how much money is donated to specific charities each month.

Dollar Per Month is a new web-based, social networking non-profit that emerged from a vision to give people a fun and interactive way to be involved with philanthropy.

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How many times have you donated money to a charity without really knowing where your money was going? Dollar Per Month aims to “remove barriers to giving by creating a community of members making small contributions on a monthly basis that collectively have a tremendous impact when applied to a need or a cause.”

Your $1 might not make a big difference, but when added to the dollars of thousands of other Dollar Per Month members, the impact can truly be world changing.

Every month, Dollar Per Month pre-qualifies and selects three charities to receive donations. The charities are selected based on factors such as fiscal responsibility, social reach and transparency. Those three non-profits are then showcased on the website where members are able to learn more about each cause.

This month, members are able to vote on these featured charities:

Modest Needs — Working to “promote the self-sufficiency of the ‘working-poor.”

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation — The world’s leader in the search for a cure to Cystic Fibrosis.

Wildlife Conservation Network — Working to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats.

Members are able to vote on the organization they would most like to see receive the monthly funds from Dollar Per Month. The top charity receives 50 percent, the second receives 30 percent and the third place charity receives 20 percent. No matter what, all three charities receive funds!

Additionally, members are given a Social impact Score representative of how involved they are in the Dollar Per Month community. Tell your friends about Dollar Per Month. When they join because of you, your Social Impact Score increases. It’s a great way for individuals to see the impact they have in changing the world.

Members don’t have to be able to donate thousands of dollars to a cause, but with Dollar Per Month, the more members the social networking charity has, the impact the organization and its members will have.

Knowing full well that ever dollar counts, Dollar Per Month has also set forth the goal to operate at 10 percent or less overhead — far below the national average for charities.

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