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Army wives take Battling BARE pledge in support of soldiers suffering from PTSD


Between the years of 2000 and 2011, the Army diagnosed 76,176 soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PTSD. The things our soldiers see and fight while deployed often haunt them for years after they return home. For soldiers and their families, PTSD is a brutal war they are forced to fight in isolation.

Military wives are the strong, and often silent pillars of support for their husbands who bravely fight for our country. Oftentimes, they fight in isolation as PTSD tears their families apart. One such military wife has determined she will no longer sit in silence, but rather, set out to raise awareness about PTSD in support of our country’s servicemen and women.

Watching her own husband battle PTSD, and watching him lose friends of his own to suicide created a sense of “loneliness, frustration, hurt, anger and despair” in Ashley Wise. (www.battlingbare.org). Out of her desperation came Battling BARE — an organization founded in support of servicemen and women and their families who are fighting PTSD alone and in isolation.

Battling BARE is an organization aimed at reaching military men and women — and their families — who feel as though they are alone and isolated in their own battles against PTSD. Their mission statement is two-fold:

Unite women and children who love a soldier dealing with PTSD by providing comfort in knowing they are not alone, a pathway of speaking out and battling back against the struggles they have faced with their soldier, along with offering support and encouragement so those women will continue walking the path of healing with their soldier.

In the process of empowering and encouraging these women and children, we will raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of PTSD while combating the stigma associated with this condition by increasing understanding of PTSD allowing for veteran suicide rates to decrease as the willingness to seek help and healing increases.

In a show of solidarity and support, Battling BARE uses photos as the hallmark of their campaign. In photos submitted to Battling BARE, individuals “show a little skin,” bearing the Battling BARE pledge:

Broken by battle,
wounded by war,
my love is forever – to you this I swore.

I will quiet your silent screams,
help heal your shattered soul,
until once again
my love,

You Are Whole

Why photos? When dealing with her own husband’s PTSD, and feeling her voice wasn’t being heard, Ashley said she was so desperate she wanted to take her “clothes off and streak across the 101st command building, because then maybe the general or someone would listen to what I’m saying.”

Deciding that wasn’t the wisest approach, Ashley wrote the Battling BARE pledge on her back, and posed for a picture holding her husband’s M4. The photo was posted on Facebook, and after just five days, it received more than 1,000 likes and Ashley was contacted by other military support groups expressing their own praise and support.

Battling BARE is a private organization seeking non-profit status, and invites other military wives, children and supporters to join their efforts to battle PTSD by taking the Battling BARE pledge. If you love a serviceman or woman who is suffering from PTSD, or want to show your support for our military, join Battling BARE and help raise awareness about PTSD. Our military families have sacrificed enough, they shouldn’t have to fight another battle alone.

Photos following these guidelines can be submitted to Battling BARE at battlingbare@gmail.com.

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Learn more about Battling BARE in this video:

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  • ptsd God is Bigger than you!

    This is an awesome video. PTSD evaporates all the good things in your life.. but I want to let all those out there that GOD REALLY IS WITH YOU.. no weapon formed against you will prosper!!! It may form but declare it by faith that it will not prosper… sometimes we need others to declare it for us.. that’s why I think that this is such an awesome project! My family loved me through everything:) And it was no easy road but they loved me anyway.. Now God is Blessing me with PEACE.. the Shoes of Peace.. God Will bless you too.. You will become the “old you” again and have a great life.. I promise,, God Has A Plan For a Future and a Hope for everyone.. yes that means you.. just say it in the mirror every morning:) I was never in the military but I know what PTSD is.. I came home after my experience and as my mother put it.. ” I looked like a little girl…she needed her teddy bear to sleep.. and I could not do a Damn thing about it, I felt helpless.” PTSD is not something that has to eat away all the good things in your life.. there is help:) There is hope:) Don’t Give Up Hope… God has given us Grace for a reason:)

    • ptsd God is Bigger than you!

      just a note here…I want to THANK ALL OF OUR SERVICE MEN & WOMEN for fighting for America:) And my PTSD… I went to a foreign country as an exchange student and was drugged and raped, not just once but many times, one of the reasons they gave me was that Americans were so dumb we kept all the killings continue in Bosnia…I went through TWO DECADES of sheer terror and horror.. and hating my self.. and hating others.. but it gets better, GOD’s grace let me know that I was here for a reason… that God did not let me die for a reason.. that God has a plan for me:) I have given the guilt and shame to God, and he has given me Grace and Peace:) It will not happen overnight but be patient…one of my favorite passages in the Bible is .. “go in peace, your Faith has made you well”… I kept repeating this over and over every day..:) I just want anyone who reads this to have hope.. “Is there anything that is impossible with GOD?” NO!!!! I say!!!